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Preparing your dog for baby gizmos

Baby gizmos include the following and more: Those lovely automatic swings that play music and might even have a mobile dangling above it. This can be scary to your dog, or a great toy. Portable car seats that will be carried right at many dog’s eye level often have interesting smells in them that can draw […]

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Dog training commands should be simple, but can often become complicated and confusing for the dog (and human too). For example, if one handler uses command “X” to mean one action for their dog, and then another person uses command “Y” for the same action, our dogs are left having to remember which word which person uses for […]

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The positive result of teaching kids how to pet dogs

I believe we need to remark and reinforce the behaviors that we like whether in training, or in life, like Pinball’s and Indy’s progress together. In Please Don’t Bite the Baby, I talk about Pinball being sensitive and affectionate, but also being the real accident waiting to happen given his willingness to bite when guarding a resource. Regardless of Pinball’s […]

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