Bestselling author and dog trainer Lisa J Edwards, CDBD, CPDT-KA shares the secrets to keeping our kids and our dogs safe and happy together.

“Edwards’s understanding of canine psychology will give new parents the confidence to maintain a canine-filled household, with strong pointers on avoiding mishaps and tragedy.” —Publishers Weekly

According to the CDC, 4.5 million dog bites occur in the US annually, and more than half are to children under the age of eight. The majority of dog bites to children are from a family dog, or a dog that belongs to a friend or relative of the child. As certified-professional dog trainer and certified behavior specialist Lisa J. Edwards—author of the London Times bestseller A Dog Named Boo — knows from professional and personal experience that the dog/child relationship is simultaneously treasured, misunderstood, and sometimes feared.

Please Don’t Bite the Baby (And Please Don’t Chase the Dogs): Keeping Our Kids and Our Dogs Safe and Happy Together chronicles Edwards’ endearing and entertaining journey to ensure that her household survives and thrives after she introduces her son to her motley pack of animals. In a twist, Edward’s dog training techniques carry over into how she navigates her first year with a baby to mixed—but enlightening—results.

At the end of each chapter, Edwards breaks down her best training techniques and takeaways for the everyday pet owner, on topics ranging from crating to basic commands.

Jessie – on Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful reference – a must read. Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2018

This book has been instrumental in helping our dog adjust to the new baby in his life. Lisa’s blend of a memoir and detailed training tips makes for an easy read that’s full of great information. My copy is highlighted, dog-eared, and very frequently referenced! Highly recommended for anyone who is expecting or already has a baby/small child and is looking to help make the relationship between the baby and dog the best it can be.

One of Lisa’s favorite tips is, “A dog who growls at your baby is not necessarily a bad dog—he is a dog who needs your assistance to make a good choice.”
Keep them safe. Keep them happy. Keep them together

Please Don’t Bite the Baby (and Please Don’t Chase the Dogs) will help you help your dog(s) to make the right choice. It provides potentially life-saving tools for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to manage the children and pets they love—together.